Watching waves roll in at sunset before I saw justice — Newport, Oregon


Investing in fitness is something that I’ve always thought was important, and growing tired of asking friends to loan me their surfboards, I decided to purchase my own.

We are now beginning the second month of Eli’s Unemployment Adventures™, so maybe walking out of the surf shop with a new 7’2” Torq Funboard (not full n00b board but pretty close) wasn’t the best idea. However, the joy I felt ripping waves that week outweighed the guilt from the missing chunk of my bank account.

When I pulled into another surf shop, fresh board strapped into the bed…

If the internet’s earliest skeptics were concerned about cyber safety and online anonymity they would flip shit when it came to finding a home on Craigslist.

I’m a Craigslist casual, meaning that I know my way around the site, but don’t scour its postings regularly. I’ve sold a couple vehicles and occasionally browse the “for sale” section with no intention of buying anything. Craigslist is mostly normal people looking to offload a couch or something, but its depths know no boundaries.

After unsuccessfully trying to find a place in Portland through word of mouth, I dove headfirst into the Portland…

Moving to a new city with little to no preparation can bring about great feelings of liberation, but it also comes with repercussions.

When you get into the habit of leaving, you sort of categorize things into groups — what you want to see again one day and what you wouldn’t mind parting ways with. When you’re not sure about your living arrangements, you’re also not sure what will be safer on your person or in the possession of your parents.

I am always sure to tell my father what he absolutely may not throw out or get rid of…

The idea of shipping services for goods like grooming products, food, and even dog toys might have seemed absurd a few years ago, but today nearly everyone has a friend regularly receiving packages from businesses like Dollar Shave Club or Blue Apron. In 2016, Forbes estimated that the biggest subscription companies, the businesses that take the orders, package and ship them out, generated 2.6 billion dollars in sales.

For every giant in the business –Dollar Shave Club and Blue Apron — there are smaller companies offering similar services — Harry’s and Plated. While trends of what people are ordering are…

A section of this essay ran as a guest column in the Paradise Post.

I’ve never been to hell and I base the choices in my life with hopes that I don’t end up there.

For many, the November 8th morning drive from Paradise to Chico was a trip through literal hell, as flames from the Camp Fire swelled on either side of Skyway and blazes seemingly rained down from above. What’s usually considered a beautiful commute with picturesque views of the valley was an evacuation nightmare shrouded in growing clouds of smoke. For most members of the small community…

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